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6 Ways to Take Even More Amazing Photos

Take It To The Next Level

Hot photos are the bread and butter of your business! So make your profile the hottest it’s ever been by taking sizzling new photos! Your fans love your photos - and love to pay for your photos - so make sure they’re the very best photos you can shoot!

5 Ways to Level Up Your Photography Skills

There are so many ways you can make better quality videos, but here are five easy ways to start!

1. Get Better Equipment!

Of course, better equipment equals better photos. BUT it doesn’t have to be brand new! Buy second hand equipment like a camera, ring light, or tripod for much cheaper than it would be new and watch your photos greatly improve just from better quality equipment!

2. Use the Back of Your Smartphone!

But if you can’t yet afford a professional camera, it’s ok! It’s totally fine to start out with your smartphone. However, if you’re using a smartphone, make sure to always use the back of the camera! It’s important to always use the camera on the back and not the front-facing camera. It has better overall quality when shooting videos because it has higher megapixels.

3. Prepare Your Set!

Make sure your background looks clean and organized. It makes a major difference! No one wants to be distracted from your beauty because of a messy background. And props are always a good idea! It helps to set the mood and persona you want to portray and can help if you’re not sure what to do with your hands.

4. Practice Your Perfect Pose!

Of course you should practice your pose before you start shooting. Make sure you know exactly what angles and poses look best by practicing in the mirror. The best looking poses don’t always feel natural, so you really need to get used to striking specific poses.

5. Edit - But Not Too Much!

It’s so easy now to edit your photos to make them look even more professional. But don’t go overboard! Editing can help your photos look better, but… fans want to see the real you. So it’s important that not all the beauty of the real you is photoshopped out.

6. Be Confident!

The most important way to get better photos is to be confident! It’s simple - the more confident you are, the better photos you take. You have to work on feeling more secure and comfortable with yourself, and it will translate onto film. When your confidence shines through you will always get better photos!

Confident Boss Babe Level

Start with these simple steps and watch your photo quality increase exponentially! Put some thought and effort into your content - and invest a bit of money when possible - so you can take the hottest, sexiest photos you’ve ever taken. The better photos you have, the more fans you have, and more fans equals more cash in your pocket! Invest in better photos today and see better profits tomorrow!

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